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We're hearing great things about this machine. What's your experience?
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Leaving cash on the table?

Are you aware of all the cash benefits of membership with BIBCA?  If you're not taking advantage of our member discounts, review these pages and see what you might be missing out on. 

BIBCA Affiliate Members

BIBCA Member Discount Program

Questions?  Call the BIBCA office at 866-330-2427.


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Meet Code Changes With A New Member Benefit From Battic Door

 BIBCA welcomes new Affiliate Member Battic Door.  

Code changes now require the attic access be insulated to the same level as the rest of the attic (minimum R-30).
Battic Door offers two attic access solutions that meet these new Codes: 

1.  E-Z Hatch R-42 Attic Access Door is a high-performance energy-efficient attic access scuttle door. It is R-42, triple-gasketed, pre-finished, and provides a 22x30” access opening. It is an energy efficient alternative to energy wasting attic pull down ladders, and exceeds all Code requirements. The Deluxe version is provided with 2 recessed handles and a 4-point lock keyed alike or different. The cost of this attic access door is less than the cost of a pull down ladder and an insulated cover. 

2.  Battic Door R-50 Attic Stair Cover is an energy-efficient pull down ladder cover. Available in 22x54, 25x54 and 30x54 sizes. It meets Code, it is made in USA and retails for under $100. 

Battic Door offers a complete line of air sealing products with contractor discounts up to 25%. Contact us for wholesale pricing details at or by phone at 508.320.9082.  
Mark Tyrol, President
Battic Door Energy Conservation Products
PO Box 15
Mansfield, MA 02048 U.S.A.
Tel. 508.320.9082

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Allpro Technology joins BIBCA as Affiliate Member

Our History

In 2005 Allpro Technology was contacted by a local insulation contractor to design an estimating and job tracking software. Working very closely with this and several other insulation contractors, we spent the next four years developing and fine tuning what has now become Allpro Insulator.

We realized the potential our product has to help insulation contractors everywhere, so we started marketing and selling Allpro Insulator across the United States and Canada. We also started a tradition of releasing a new version of Allpro Insulator every year, in which we added new features based on customer requests and feedback.

Today, Allpro Insulator is a robust and complete job tracking and estimation tool, but we continue to press forward with new features that strive to make your job easier. Our ultimate goal is to keep Allpro Insulator up to date with current insulation products and procedures, and to make you feel like we designed our software specifically for your business and its needs.

Whether you use cellulose, foam, or fiberglass insulation, or are a residential, commercial, or mechanical contractor - Allpro Insulator can handle it all! No annual subscription or Internet connection required.

Features and Benefits

Customer Management and Leads

Your business, like any other business, starts and stops with your customers. Keeping your customers’ information in one place is the first step we take to keeping you organized. Second, we share that information with everyone in your office who has access to Allpro Insulator. Finally, we give you tools to record notes, conversations, emails, and to set reminders for yourself to follow up with potential leads. These reminders will free your mind from remembering to follow up so you can focus on the tasks at hand. Then when it’s time to take measurements for an estimate, one click will give you directions via Google Maps!


When you are on-site to take measurements and give a quote, it won’t matter whether your client is in the city or out in the country - you will never have to worry about being outside your wireless provider’s range. That’s because Allpro Insulator runs entirely on your computer, independent of your Internet access. So forget about tethering to your phone or driving to find a better signal. Simply turn your laptop on and begin entering measurements.

Want to speed up estimation even more? By taking measurements with a laser measuring device like the Disto D8 or D330i, you can measure with an accuracy up to 1 mm and tag your measurements based on the job, package, and type of insulation needed for the measured area. Then, you can import the measurements into Allpro Insulator, which will convert your raw data into a full estimate that can either be adjusted or immediately printed.

Or you can speed up estimation by integrating blueprint takeoff software to your workflow. Simply take measurements based off a scanned blueprint, import the measurements to Allpro Insulator, and again the raw data will be converted into a full estimate.


Sure, 6” of insulation will give your customer’s attic sufficient insulation, but 10” would be even better. But is your customer the kind of person who values saving money in the short term, or saving heating costs in the long term?

With Allpro Insulator, you don’t have to guess your customer’s preferences anymore. With a few clicks you can offer upgrades to individual line items which can be approved or rejected by your customer.

Beyond this, you can even separate your estimate into different packages that can be approved or rejected. One package can be offered for insulating their house, and an optional package can be offered for their garage - however you want to divide things up.

The result is this: increased detail and additional options let your customer feel they are in control, and by offering upgrades you increase your profitability.

QuickBooks Integration

Once your quote has been approved, you need to manually copy-paste the information into QuickBooks and… kidding! Not only is double-entry inefficient, it’s error-prone, and quite frankly you have better things to do with your time.

That’s why Allpro Insulator fully integrates with QuickBooks, allowing you to export your customers, jobs, and items, so you can manage the billing from QuickBooks.  This shortens the time involved in your accounting process.


We know any amount of features we list wouldn’t help but the smallest companies if you couldn’t sync all your information across multiple computers. We also know that one size doesn’t always fit everyone, which is why we offer three different strategies for keeping your computers in sync.

The first option you have is to keep all your computers in an office together. One computer will hold Allpro Insulator’s database, while the other computers will access it over the network from the Allpro Insulator program. This option is usually ideal for desktop computers which never leave the office.

The second option keeps Allpro Insulator’s database on a main office computer, but also allows laptops and tablets to keep their own copy of Allpro Insulator’s database locally. When the laptops leave the office, they use their own database, and when they return, they sync their information back to the main database.

The final option is for all your computers to keep a copy of Allpro Insulator’s database locally, and syncing will be done over the Internet using Allpro’s Cloud servers. This last syncing option offers the greatest flexibility, as sales reps never have to return to the office to syn.  This option is also the most expensive as it requires an annual fee for using our online syncing service.


   Inventory tracking and restock projection

   Shared calendaring

   Job sheets and checklists

   Projected vs actual profit reports

   Dozens of invoice templates

   100+ reports

Request a media kit from today!

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Ark Seal Spring Upgrade Sale, 10% Rebate on New and Used Equipment
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New Affiliate Member

CertainTeed Machine Works formerly known as  Unisul has joined BIBCA as an Affiliate member. They have demonstrated their commitment to BIBCA members with special offerings to our insulation contractor members.  Because they provide valuable products to builders and homeowners, they have been welcomed into the BIBCA family as Affiliate Members.  It is our hope that BIBCA members will take advantage of their material offerings to increase the distribution of their quality products.

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