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February 27, 2014 | Show All
Convention feedback, and a brand new site

Have you visited our new web site? We're loading content as quickly as we can, and soon the HPIP site will be as full of information as the BIBCA site is.

Visit our site now and take the CONVENTION SURVEY.

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July 22, 2013 | Show All
Convention Pre-registration Open Now!

Online advanced registration is open now, watch your mail for event details!

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June 28, 2013 | Show All
2014 BIBCA Convention
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June 20, 2013 | Show All
Save the Date for the BIBCA 25th Anniversary Convention!

February 13 - 15th, 2014

BIBCA will host the next convention and trade show at the Hilton Hotel in Arlington, TX.  We're lining up a great program to celebrate our 25 years of service to contractors. The convention takes place biannually, so don't miss this chance to take in the best insulation and building science training available to this special group of contractors.  The upcoming convention will feature:

  • RESNET verifier course
  • Social media workshop
  • Special presentations by our Industry Partners
  • Sessions to save you money: Discounts available to members

And more....

Mark your calendar and watch for registration and schedule details!


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February 9, 2012 | Show All
All work and no play makes....a boring convention. Not us! Ready for some fun?

Convention attendees are geared up for a lot of great building science, sales, and technical knowledge next week in Scottsdale.  But are you aware of how much fun we will pack into the show too?

Wednesday, February 15:  welcome reception;  drinks on the house, poolside, with fabulous appetizers and good music.  Get settled in, meet up with friends, and relax.

Thursday, February 16:  7:30 PM, ride the FUN bus into Old Town, where the Scottsdale Artwalk showcases the best of Arizona's classic and emerging artists.  At "America's Original Artwalk", you'll enjoy live music, prize drawings, wine tastings, and a great selection of fine restaurants.  Visit the Scottsdale Art Walk's link for recommended restaurants right there in Old Town. Party down with no worries, the bus will bring you back to the resort at 10:30 PM.

Friday, February 17th:  Did you ever wish you knew a little bit more about choosing a good bottle of wine?  Or maybe you just want to sample some Italian beer.  Either way, you'll love what our show sponsors have lined up for the last night in the exhibit hall.  Sommelier Luis Correa of Classico Wines shares his expertise at a wine and beer tasting during our round table conversation time.  That ought to get the stories flowing....

Don't worry, we'll have the Starbucks on bright and early each morning so you don't miss a moment of the great building science education.  There's still time to register, email or call 605-470-0452.

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February 6, 2012 | Show All
Convention Attendees, Sign up for your complimentary ground transportation.

Please click the link below so that we may make arrangements for your FREE transportation to and from the airport. 

Convention attendee travel information

See you at the convention!


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See Ark-Seal at the BIBCA Convention February 16-18 in Scottsdale!

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February 2, 2012 | Show All
Cohorts or Cahoots?

Do you ever get a little overwhelmed by the many, many organizations who seem to be telling the same story in different ways?  How can the average person make sense out of what each nonprofit, for profit, and government agency is really doing - and the differences between them?  Johns Manville will bravely tackle this topic at the 2012 BIBCA Convention.

The 2-part educational session by Johns Manville will cover Wall Systems that Work, and then discuss the growing network of nonprofits such as Efficiency First that are all working toward good environmental practices and higher standards.  

This is just one of the many fantastic sessions to be presented in just TWO WEEKS in Scottsdale.  Register now online or by calling the BIBCA office at 866-330-2427.  Remember, the BIBS convention is only held every other year.  Don't miss this one!


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January 24, 2012 | Show All
Don't Miss This One! Our best convention lineup ever!

View YouTube invitation from keynote speaker Ryan Estis, and don't forget that the last early-registration discount cutoff is January 31, 2012.

Register now and receive $100 worth of literature and brochures fee!

More convention information and registration links


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January 4, 2012 | Show All
BIBCA Convention Courses BPI Recognized for CEU Credits

Attendees at the 2012 BIBCA Convention will earn a total of eight CEUs for attending the following sessions:

  • High Performance Diagnostics, Energy Conservatory (1CEU)
  • Insulation Council and Code Update, NAIMA (1 CEU)
  • ACC Training, Ed Pentz - CertainTeed (1 CEU)
  • BIBCA Certified Training (4CEU)

Click Here to register today!

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December 20, 2011 | Show All
Learn what code changes are coming in 2012 at the BIBCA Convention

Mr. Charles Cottrell is the VicePresident ofTechnical Services for the North American Insulation Manufacturers Association, the association thatrepresents the fiber glass, rock and slag woolmanufacturers. He is responsible for identifying opportunities which improve building energy efficiency, creating regional networks, and implementing activities in the areas of building energy codes for new and existing homes. Join Charles for an update on code changes coming in 2012.  Catch this and many other important sessions on how to improve your business and stay current at the 2012 convention.  

Click Here for online registration and agenda details.

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December 15, 2011 | Show All

FLIR develops affordable thermal imaging cameras that are playing a vital role today in improving energy efficiency, building performance, construction integrity, and more. Thermal cameras detecttelltale heat signatures and provide energy auditors and weatherization specialists an extremely fastand easy way to find and see missing or shoddy insulation, air infiltration issues, and other hidden sources of wasteful energy loss. Using the thermal images and related measurement data that FLIR cameras capture, professionals can deliver clear documentation to customers and decisionmakers to help justify and verify repairs and improvements. In a world focused on lowering energy bills and saving resources, FLIR thermal cameras have quickly become a “must-have” tool.

Join Steve Oberstein, Flir Regional Sales Director to discuss how this technology is important to you, and get straight answers to your imaging questions.


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December 13, 2011 | Show All
SAVE Act Saves the Economy
A pending new law will require major appraisal and lending institution to give potential buyers credit forthe money they will save over their mortgage. This new law will revolutionize the way builders build andthe considerations people make when buying or renting.

C.R. Herro, Vice President, Environmental Affairs for Meritage Homes will present at the BIBCA Convention about why SAVE is important to consumers, and how it can greatly impact your business in the coming years.

The SAVE Act is proposed legislation to improve the accuracy of mortgage underwriting used by Federal mortgage agencies by ensuring that energy costs are included in the underwriting process. The bill, S. 1737 [112th Congress], was introduced on October 19th, 2011 by Senators Bennet (D-Co.) and Isakson (R-Ga.) and referred to the Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affiars. Comparable legislation has not yet been introduced in the House of Representatives. The proposal is supported by a diverse coalition of organizations, including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the Appraisal Institute, the U.S. Green Building Council, and the Natural Resources Defense Council.
For more information on SAVE, follow this link.
Register for the convention by December 31st for the best rate!

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December 7, 2011 | Show All
Home Inspectors Will Save America! Learn how inspectors and BIBS dealers can work together.

Home inspectors feel that the greatest, untapped resource for America’s Recovery Through Retrofit campaign is the residential home inspector.  Thousands of times every day, home inspectors sit at the breakfast table with home buyers, home sellers and their real estate agents discussing energy efficiency. Inspectors educate millions of homeowners and directly influence their purchase decisions and living behavior. Home inspectors will champion on a national scale the home performance and energy upgrade message of taking action to save money, increase comfort and protect the environment. 

Find out more about BIBCA and InterNACHI’s new relationship from Ben Gromicko, NACHI’s Executive Director.   It's time to get to know your home inspectors, and for them to understand the world of BIBS and BIBS HP.

Register now, the next discount deadline is quickly approaching!


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December 2, 2011 | Show All
The Science of Hybrid Systems, Lucas Hamilton at the 2012 BIBCA Convention

Now that we recognize the influence of air leakage on a home’s energy consumption, many builders and homeowners are trying to get their houses as “tight” as they can. With hybrid systems, what you get is the best of both worlds; the inexpensive high R-value of fiberglass combined with a smaller amount of foam which gives you the air tightening effects desired. This is a cost efficient, high R-value, well performing system.

Lucas Hamilton
Manager, Building Science Applications
for Presenting Sponsor CertainTeed Corporation

Lucas is one of BIBCA's favorite sources of good, solid scientific knowledge.  He will present the big picture and some important details you need to know about increasingly popular hybrid systems, including BIBS HP.  

Catch Lucas alongside the rest of our best-yet lineup of speakers February 16-18th in Scottsdale, AZ.  Sign up early for the best rates, and watch your email and for conference updates.

BIBCA Convention Details and Registration

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November 15, 2011 | Show All
Bigger Jobs, More Money. Learn more at the 2012 BIBCA Convention

Thinking Inside the Box: Bigger Jobs, More Money
2012 Convention Information

Consumers that intended to flip homes are now nesting in the current economy and looking for long-term holistic health, comfort and energy solutions with quality installation.  The contractor who owns the whole job to provide those solutions gains a customer for a lifetime.  Whole-home performance is the solution consumers and utilities seek. 

Learn why more than 120 residential energy efficiency programs rely on the new norm--BPI's nationally accredited Standards and Professional Credentialing--as the foundation for their programs across the nation.  Understand how risk management drives contractors to whole-house services, even when rebate programs aren't available. 

Interactive discussion with Tiger Adolf of BPI will include learning how other successful insulation contractors have taken advantage of program funds to leverage their investments, and how to plan on creating repeat business--after the rebates are gone.

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The Sales Shift - Selling for Value in the New Economy

Great salespeople aren’t born but become this way through the disciplined mastery of skills. In a hyper competitive market where fear of change is prevalent, budgets are being scrutinized and eliminated, and competition is fighting to survive, sales excellence is the mandate.  Ryan Estis will introduce the sales skill transformation required to compete in the knowledge economy. He will reinforce the importance of relying on sales process while emphasizing the appropriate intersection of passion to drive more meaningful connections, communication, relationships and results. 

Ryan includes specific, actionable steps with real client case studies helping sellers understand how to elevate sense of urgency and value to beat the competition to the close time and time again. This session is a high energy, interactive experience designed to elevate the confidence of individual contributors, build unity among a sales team and inject passion, energy and enthusiasm into the sales organization that is competing to win more market share.  Even top producers will be challenged with ideas that will yield understanding and commitment to achieve the next level of breakthrough performance.   Eliminate lamenting about the recession and Shift the Sales focus back to revenue creation!

Ryan Estis is a Professional Speaker and Business Performance Expert helping companies, managers, leaders and sellers more effectively connect to their two most important audiences:  employees and customers.  Ryan is widely recognized as a leading expert in Leadership & Culture, Sales Effectiveness, Branding & Social Media and HR/Workforce Trends.  Recently recognized as “one of the best keynote speakers seen or heard” by Meetings & Conventions Magazine alongside Tony Robbins, Bill Gates, Al Gore and Marcus Buckingham, he is regarded as one of The Top 100 Keynote Speakers in America. 

The Ryan Estis experience blends interaction, energy and actionable content designed to elevate business outcomes.  His message is a compelling crusade on corporate culture, communication, client acquisition, brand ambassadorship, change and preparing to thrive in the ultra competitive, hyper connected business environment we now know as the new normal.

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September 27, 2011 | Show All
BIBS Convention Early Registration - Bonus for first ten contractors to register online

First ten BIBS dealers to sign up online get a special gift ($50 value!) at the show.

Early-bird registration deadline is October 15th, sign up now for quality training, networking, and presentations by building industry experts...all at the beautiful Fort McDowell Resort in Scottsdale.  What better place to be in February?



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September 15, 2011 | Show All
Register for BIBS convention before October 1 for best discounts!

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August 2, 2011 | Show All
Dr. Larry Steinmetz - HOW TO SELL AT PRICES HIGHER THAN YOUR COMPETITORS; One of the hottest topics around!  Click Here to preview the keynote speaker for the convention in February.  This video will convince you that every one of your sales staff must come to the show.

Dr. Steinmetz specializes in sales and marketing training with a primary focus on selling at higher prices and maintaining profitable margins for your company.  Lawrence L. Steinmetz, Ph.D. is a former professor of management at the Graduate School of Business at the University of Colorado who has become well-known for his work in getting profitable results in business.  Recently, his field of concentration has been in the areas of how to successfuly raise prices and maintain high profit margins.  He has educated hundreds of thousands of businesspeople all over the country at both public and private versions of his many seminars and is considered one of the nation's foremost authorities in getting top dollar for one's products and services.


Save the Date:  February 16th, 2012
Fort McDowell Resort, Phoenix

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July 28, 2011 | Show All
Show Special Announced, Save on Netting Purchases!

BIBCA Convention Sponsor Service Partners has announced a money-saving deal for all BIBS contractors who attend the annual convention in February, 2012 at Phoenix.  R-Factor (Service Partners) will give a 10% discount on all BIBS printed mesh ordered at the show.   

Several weeks ago, BIBCA and Service Partners began brain-storming incentives to help the convention trip pay for itself for BIBS dealers.  All BIBS dealers are required to use the approved netting, so this is a really great way to save money on something critical to every BIBS dealer in the country.

BIBCA is developing a great lineup of speakers from a variety of nonprofit organizations, regulatory agencies, building science experts, and sales/marketing strategists to make the Phoenix convention one of our best yet.

Online registration will be opening in the next few weeks, watch for more details!

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July 7, 2011 | Show All
Save the Date for BIBCA's 2012 Convention!





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March 15, 2010 | Show All
Convention Feedback
I would like to thank you all for the invitation to attend this year's BIBCA National Convention in Las Vegas.  I was made to feel not only welcomed by everyone I met while I was there, but also made to feel like part of the BIBCA family.    
I also would like to commend you for putting together two outstanding days of informational sessions.   John Tooley was an excellent choice to teach an all day Building Science session.  Being a builder, and not an insulation contractor, over the years, I have focused on the house as a system and I have heard Mr. Tooley in the past.  Several of the new members I was sitting with and talking to throughout the conference were telling me they had never really heard a lot of what he was talking about since their only focus was selling and installing insulation.  It clearly gave them a better understanding of how a house and each of the components have to work together as a system. The second day was a nice focus on marketing, technical data, and the business ideas.
 The Saturday classroom training was done a bit quickly but due to the time constraints but everything, that we needed to know to be certified installers was still covered. The onsite training proved to be an education everyone on how to lose money on a job.  I know that it was not within your control to show up to a site and have the installers already blowing, but it made a clear impression to everyone the importance of density testing for both your profits and customer satisfaction.  Additionally, the Red Rock Resort was an outstanding location to hold any event.
Dan Stoner and I have been talking about the future and how I can help spread the word to other Habitat affiliates about Blow in Blanket System® and BIBCA.  In the near future, I will be speaking to Kristin about what I can do to both spread the word to the certified contractors and our affiliates to create a positive partnership for everyone.   We will be blowing our first certified BIBS® house early this summer, after that I will also follow up with Kristin and we can work together to write an article that I will submit to both our local HBAs for their magazines.
Again, thank you for everything, and I look forward to working with all of you in the future.
Randy Wilkerson CGP, CAPS
Construction Operations Manager
TriState Habitat for Humanity

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January 18, 2008 | Show All
Two Days Left for Discounted Hotel Rooms!

January 20th (this Sunday!) is the last day to book your discounted hotel rooms for the

BIBS Convention in Colorado Springs. 

A special convention issue of the BIBCA Newsletter is available online

Register your installers and sales staff for the free training.

Get your hotel rooms before January 20th or they'll be gone! 

Get the latest news from Fiber Manufacturers and suppliers 

Learn about value selling - and start earning what you're worth.

Meet the many new members and network with long time BIBS dealers.

Get up to speed on the changing immigration laws.

Hear from green building experts how to break into this explosive market.

Call BIBCA TODAY!  866-330-2427 for more information and registration.





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January 3, 2008 | Show All
Convention Preview

A special convention issue of the BIBCA Newsletter is available online
and in your mailbox within the next few days. 

The time is now!

Register your installers and sales staff for the free training.

Get your hotel rooms before January 20th or they'll be gone! 

Get the latest news from Fiber Manufacturers and suppliers 

Learn about value selling - and start earning what you're worth.

Meet the many new members and network with long time BIBS dealers.

Get up to speed on the changing immigration laws.

Hear from green building experts how to break into this explosive market.

Call BIBCA TODAY!  866-330-2427 for more information and registration.





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November 25, 2007 | Show All
Second Chance Early Registration

Early registration discount deadline has been extended to November 30th!
Don't miss this final chance to save 10% on your convention registration. Contact the BIBCA office at 866-330-2427 to have a form faxed or mailed to you.  

Click here to view the convention schedule


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January 9, 2006 | Show All
PGI to present at BIBS show

Where does that BIBS fabric come from?

Earlier this year, the BIBCA Board of Directors took a tour of PGI (Polymer Group Incorporated) in San Luis Potosi, Mexico.  They are the company that manufactures the netting used to install the Blow In Blanket System.  The Board was treated to a very informative session on how the fabric is produced, what other uses it has (like disposable diapers!) and an overveiw of PGI's current market initiatives.  You can find out more about this BIBS partner by visiting

PGI will be presenting this interesting information to contractors at the BIBS Convention in San Antonio February 24th, 2006.  Convention registration available now by visiting or by calling the BIBCA office at (303-433-2963.

Seats are limited, sign up today!


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